There are few folks as creative as Cub Scout® and Webelos Den Leaders!  While many packs present our
Honor Arrows in and of themselves, others like to enhance them or present them in very special ways.  Over the
years, we have heard many ideas from leaders around the world.  These are a few of our favorites, simple and
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One of our favorite ideas comes from upstate New York.  Each year, the pack has their 4th grade Webelos make
plaques, as part of the Craftsman pin, for their 5th grade Webelos receiving an Honor Arrow.  It does take some
coordination, but this pack has kept the tradition going for 12 years!
We have heard from many packs over the years that they go to their local trophy shop or engraving kiosk at the
mall to have real brass nameplates made for their plaques.  Most will place the Arrow of Light
® symbol included
with our plaques on top of the Honor Arrow and the nameplate below the Honor Arrow.
Many of our packs make their own plaques for Honor Arrows.  Size can be
whatever you wish.  They can simply be cut from wood stock or pre-cut and
pre-shaped pieces can be purchased at hobby stores.  Many suggest simple,
classic shapes that the boys won't grown out of in their teenage years.  Stain or
paint as desired, then pre-drill small pilot holes and screw in 2 cup hooks where
the Honor Arrow shaft will rest.  For stability, we suggest a minimum of 3 inches
between the hooks. The presentation area of the plaque is often completed with
the boy's name, "Arrow of Light®", pack number and date.  It can be printed
with a permanent marker, paint pen, wood burned, or engraved on a brass
plate.  One leader prints a mini-certificate on parchment paper, burns the edges
and decoupage's onto the plaques.  Another glues on a plastic photo sleeve
and inserts a picture of the boy and his family taken during the ceremony.  The
ideas are only limited by the imagination.
Red color matches the "patch vest" and the use of felt eliminates the need for
hemming.  To determine size, lay out a sample of the boy's achievements and
measure the widest point, then the length of the layout.  Add 6" at the top for
total length.  Fold top 3" to back of hanging and stitch or fabric glue a single
line to form a pocket for the Honor Arrow shaft to pass through.  Glue or sew a
duplicate Arrow of Light® award at the top of the hanging.  The New York
leader who gave us this idea some years ago conducts a final meeting/party for
her den and adults , during which achievement items are removed from the
boys' shirts and sewn or glued to the banner.  Empty shirts are then ready for
Boy Scout insignia or donated to the pack closet.