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Our authentic hand made Honor Arrows and display items
will help you recognize Arrow of Light® recipients and
Crossover Webelos with a lifetime keepsake worthy of their
Serving you since 1989, we pledge our
continued quality and service to these deserving young
men and to the leaders who have walked the path with them.
Thank you for your service to our future.  
We are a small, family owned
company and our primary
business is creating traditional
dance regalia for the Native
American community.  Rick is
best known for his feather
work, such as dance bustles
On the pow wow trail: left, Rick, in his Straight Dance
regalia; right, our son, in  his Northern Traditional
More Information about
Tatanka Traditions:
and fans.  He is of both Muskogee and Eastern Band
Cherokee heritage.  In addition to our Native American
and Scouting® customers, Rick works with the
costuming and props departments of several
international dance troops, production with Universal,
and has worked with individual shows such as
Texas Ranger.

Our involvement in Scouting® came about the same
way most others become involved.  Our son (Eagle
Scout®, college graduate and now happily married)
became a Tiger the first year the program was offered.  
A few years later, during Rick's first year as Cubmaster,
he wanted something very special to award to the
pack's Arrow of Light® recipients.  Reaching into his
own heritage, he made each boy an Honor Arrow.  Word
of mouth spread quickly and now, in our
23rd year, we
are honored to send thousands of hand made Honor
Arrows each year to packs all around the world.